The most advanced system and security analysis tool.

State-of-the-art security analysis

Unveil utilizes complex and innovative techniques to detect possible software modifications or security threats within the iOS application sandbox without relying on exclusive libraries

CPU Information

Visualizes CPU usage (Total/User/Idle), displays CPU specifications, and average load information

Memory Information

Visualizes memory usage, displays memory specifications, and classifies memory allocations

Operating System Information

Displays system version, BootROM version, kernel version, system uptime, and other kernel information

Disk Space Information

Visualizes storage usage and displays the technical storage usage information

File System List

Lists mounted file systems and displays detailed statistical information such as type/attributes

Internet Usage Tracker

Visualizes internet usage and attributes internet usage to data sources such as WiFi/Ethernet, Cellular connection, or Personal Hotspot

Internet Usage Details

Visualizes and displays internet usage information of numerous data sources

Network Interface List

Displays available network interfaces (e.g. Wired/Wireless, Cellular connection, Access Point, IPSec tunnel) with detailed statistical information (e.g. MTU, Linespeed, Downloaded bytes, Uploaded bytes)